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Anastasia postolati

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Think about moving to the opposite side of the world at the age of 13 - that's me.

I was born in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. Yeah, I know, you have no idea where that is - most people don't. It's all good. Moldova is a tiny country located in Eastern Europe between Romania and Ukraine.

Quick history lesson: Moldova used to be a part of Soviet Union, hence, my family is Russian.

I'm not a Communist, don't worry, you can keep on reading. I promise no one will hack your computer. 

On December 30, 2011, I hopped on a plane to the United States to pursue my education.

After finishing high school in Richmond, VA, I moved AGAIN! Still questioning all these moving decisions I'm making, you know. This time, however, I stayed in the country, making my way up to Philadelphia, PA to attend Temple University. GO OWLS!

I am currently a Sophomore studying Marketing & Management Information Systems at the Fox School of Business. SO cool, right! 


You might ask: so why is this 19-year-old Russian girl starting a fashion blog?

I'd like to create a platform that will inspire individuals to develop their fashion sense by exploring new styles that can be carried out in an affordable manner.

I would love for my blog to become your go-to place for answers, advice, and ideas. 

Most importantly, I want you to remember that I'm a regular person that lives a regular life. I, too, have financial and family struggles. I have skin imperfections, bad hair days, and times when I don't feel like getting out of bed. It's life, people! And life is hard!

So put on your best outfit and don't forget a smile! Or car keys. You know what they say: