Anastasia Postolati

coat, please!

Anastasia Postolati
coat, please!

coat, please!

Written by Anastasia Postolati

Photography by Rey Aldana

Hair & Makeup by Amna Mahmood

So tell me why I am getting ready for fall weather, buying coats, boots, and Philadelphia decides to give me an 80 degree weather week?!?!


Was NOT my plan.

Either way, I truly believe that the actual fall weather will be here soon, and the over-prepared person I am, I’m going to talk about my forever-obsession: coats.



How do you want to feel when you wear a coat? For me, I want to put on the outerwear of my choice and daydream back into the wonderful time I lay in bed in the morning completely wrapped in my full down blanket. Ahhh, love it.


So the lesson here is that if your coat doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy, don’t buy it. Not saying every coat you purchase should be a head-to-toe parka, but it does need to be comfortable. As mentioned many times before, comfort is my #1 priority when buying clothes, and it should be yours.


For today’s look I picked a semi-light cream jacket that has a polyester and elastane consistency. It’s quite stretchy and provides just enough warmth for a high 50s-60s. In other words, perfect for the weather that’s on its way in the coming week, am I right, Philadelphia? I hope so.



It’s blazer season, y'all!


EVERY. SINGLE. RUNWAY. Is covered in blazer-inspired pieces for Fall/Winter 2017. The best thing is that if you’re not a huge fan of the style, there is plenty of variety. Meaning that there are pieces that are tailored to look very suit-like, similar to what those cool guys in business school wear. On the other hand, there is outerwear that has a barely noticeable hint on the style.


The jacket that I’m wearing will probably occupy the middle of the spectrum, not having too many sharp lines and just enough of the soft ones. Still feminine but provides a dash of the business look, making you appear more like you’ve got your stuff together.


Falling right above the knee, the jacket is not too long and not too short. I’d have to say the length that you see today, has to be my favorite. It’s practical, doesn’t make walking harder, and has a nice flow to it in the wind.


Pockets are a big plus to any outerwear that you purchase, however, they shouldn’t always be used to their full capacity. You might feel a little angry at me right now. I know, we all love stuffing things that we might immediately need in our pockets. But look: you don’t want to be walking around, looking like you got 2 pounds of potatoes with you. Plus, with some materials, the pockets might form a certain shape from the necessities you carry and never come back to the original one. Horrible, right? I don’t even want to think about it, so let’s keep going.



If you had a chance to look at my RED blog post before, you know that I’ve come a long way trying to implement more color into my wardrobe. Even though we all tend to bury ourselves in grey, black, and other darker tones as soon as we hear the word “fall”, I’m here to tell you that lighter and brighter colors should be on your mind also.


You might not see me wearing fuchsia and burnt orange in today’s outfit, but cream and white are just as important! Something light can add a piece of sunshine to a gloomy day, while the sky is covered with clouds and rain is just around the corner.


Don’t even worry about Labor Day being 2 weeks behind us, that rule shouldn’t even been one. Who made it up, anyway? You put on - whatever your soul desires.


Again, as I always say, balance is key. I’m not telling you that you should walk out in a full white outfit, although you could, but implement lighter colors in a smart way into your daily choices. It might be something as small as a T-shirt or maybe something more significant as white boots or a tan coat. Don’t get me even started on white boots, that will have to be a whole separate post of me just freaking out because of happiness overflowing inside.

Lesson: try it out! Experiment! I bet white looks great on you.


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Hey, have a great weekend shopping for lighter and brighter clothes!

I’ll see you next week.

Until then,