Anastasia Postolati

easy boyfriend

Anastasia Postolati
easy boyfriend

easy boyfriend

As excited as you are to read this post, unfortunately, I have to tell you - I’m sorry. I am not going to talk about an easy way to find a boyfriend. Maybe a future post idea? Hm, not sure I’m qualified.

I will instead share with you how to achieve an effortless boyfriend style for the next time you’re too lazy to wear a tight shirt or really need to cover that food belly.

ALSO works if you’re looking at all the FW17 collections rolling in and wondering how in the world you are going to incorporate the emerging boyfriend style into your closet.

The confusing part

The thing is that even though you are encouraged to create a “boyfriend” look, you are also forced to keep a hint of something feminine that will set you apart from an actual boyfriend.

So do your hair, apply a considerable amount of makeup, and definitely accessorize. Maybe even slip on your favorite pair of heels!

The more girly you look in your boyfriend attire - the better. Go by the image of: “I just walked out of this hot guy’s apartment this morning and his shirt was the only thing laying around”. So Gossip Girl.

Kinda inappropriate too, I know. It works though, I promise.

You need an OVER-SIZED shirt. Like really over-sized.

Whether borrowed from your dad’s/boyfriend’s closet or store-bought, the baggier the better if you ask me.

Why? Comfort. No need to worry about anything showing or falling out, if you know what I’m saying. In fact, I purchase shirts that are 1 or 2 sizes up just to feel cozier.

In terms of color, shoot for classic shades such as blue, white, black, and grey. This is a great opportunity to experiment with stripes, as they are another the perfect choice for your look. Don’t forget about patterns either! It’s never too sad outside for a patterned shirt.  

Play around with buttons, because there are really no rules to this. You can leave some unbuttoned on top or on the bottom. You can button only one. You can purposefully button the shirt wrong. GO ABSOLUTELY CRAZY...with everything else also.

Tuck one side of the shirt inside your jeans. Make a tie in the front. Wear the shirt the opposite way, buttoning it in the back.

Make this your creative outlet because there are just too many ways you can style this look. Don’t say you’re not creative. That’s not true. You probably haven’t discovered where just yet.

"HELL, YES!" for Pants

I'm sure if I wasn't writing this blog, I would be somewhere on a marketing team coming up with titles for things. DUH.

Getting back on track, picking a slightly distressed pair of jeans for my look was quite a shy move. But hey, if semi-boyfriend denim is your thing as it is mine, certainly go for it! You can find countless pairs of straight and mom-fit jeans at most stores. My favorites usually come from Zara, H&M, and Topshop - check’em out.

If not, you can either pick something more skinny or more baggy. For the first option, light wash skinny jeans are your go-to 100% of the time. In the second case, try a pair of white palazzo trousers (or any other color you’d like) as well as a more fitted version of such, in black this time.

Your choice of bottoms, in my opinion, will shape your look. Think about what do you want your clothes to portray (honestly, do this with every outfit, it's awesome). A stay-at-home parent? A too-tired college student? Maybe a girl/guy who just had the best meal of their lives? Or an excited individual who’s going on a date? Give it a thought, and make your pick. But you and I both know, that you’re going to look simply amazing either way!

Thanks for sticking around, once again. Listen, I hope you’re tired, because now if you gotta go somewhere, you can quickly change into your lazy but easy boyfriend look and be right out the door. Good luck out there!

Outfit details:

Blush Pink Espadrilles from Zara - see similar
High Wasted Slim Jeans from H&M - see similar
Blue Shirt from Zara - see similar

And don’t forget,