Anastasia Postolati

hey silver!

Anastasia Postolati
hey silver!

hey silver!

UGH. My relationship with silver has been rather complicated.

As a young girl, I received some silver jewelry as gifts and felt quite happy. The older I got, the less silver I would wear, replacing it with gold-like accessories instead. Was I going through a teenage “phase” or something? Not sure.

Me and silver never really hit it off and our relationship became bland and complicated. I often would give it unpleasant looks at the jewelry counter and I’m sure it only brought disappointment and sadness… I think I can have a career in weird imaginative storytelling...?

Either way, last Friday my bitterness toward silver was wiped away when I received a package from Julia Szendrei (@jszendrei), a self-titled handmade jewelry company that creates modern pieces using both fancy gemstones and simple metals.

As an artist, Julia puts her heart into every piece she makes and by sharing her work, provides customers with products that will make their lives happier every day! YAY (Rhymes? Again? Really, Stasia?). In this crazy world of corporations, an authentic individual who pursues her passion and shares it with others at a reasonable price, is honestly one of the best things you can ask for.

If you didn’t think it could get any better, listen to this: JULIA HAS MORSE CODE NECKLACES! Now how awesome is that. They’re customizable and come in many different colors. #obsessed. #notgettingpaidtodothis

Getting back to the point, accessorizing can be a pain and often none of us want to spend even an extra 2-3 minutes picking something to bring more life to our outfits. BUT I realized that acquiring a simple & high-quality set of jewelry, like the one from Julia’s line, is a lifesaver. The silver Maya earrings and ring became my favorite to wear and here’s why.


I can’t stress that enough. A celebrity red carpet dress, business attire, everyday casual wear - modern shaped jewelry like the one from Julia Szendrei will suit any look. ANY. LOOK. It can also be easily combined with other pieces. So instead of putting one ring on - try 4! It’s more fun that way.

Subtle draws in 

If you are going for an intense look with a bright lip or a natural, glowy, nude-colored appearance, subtle jewelry will again cater to both sides of the spectrum. I’m not saying that you should never wear diamonds or statement pieces. You definitely should. And if you own that diamond ring, show it off, girl!

But if there is just one thing you can spend your money on, definitely go with something less complicated. Jewelry should, but doesn’t always have to be shining from 0.2 miles away. In fact, plain pieces can draw more attention to the eye and spark interest. Where did she get that? What material is used to make that necklace? There’s something about it.

Forever and Ever

That is the amount of time that the Maya earrings and ring mentioned earlier will stay in style. All you have to do is grab a polishing cloth and gently clean your jewelry once in awhile. Its shine is back and so is yours.That is the type of jewelry you should not only keep but accumulate with time.

Whether you’re just starting your accessorizing journey or are a complete jewelry nerd with a Masters’ Degree, never look over the basic staples that each of us should own.

Learning from my mistake, don’t completely close yourself to a style or product material. Simply, try to find a company, a brand that will be your home and showcase a slightly different perspective that you haven’t observed before.

My profound talk aside, go and treat yourself or your lovely friend/partner/family member for all the hard work you and them have been doing lately. Happy shopping!