Anastasia Postolati

i woke up like this

Anastasia Postolati
i woke up like this

i woke up like this

by Anastasia Postolati


Thanks to the beautiful BeyoncÉ, her lyric, "I woke up like this", just like most things BeyoncÉ, translated into strong influence on various industries. Don’t worry, the fashion folks didn’t skip out on FLAWLESS either, embracing it through pajama dressing.

Whether or not we should credit Beyonce for such a timeless trend, those silky fabrics, button downs, loose cut pants, and collars have been coming back season after season.

Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Zendaya are giving pajamas and laziness a stamp of approval as they have been seen rocking the look on city streets.


Are you yet wondering how in the world are you going to walk outside in actual pajamas? Confused? Lost?

Don’t worry - I’m going to dissect the pajama dressing trend, help you find yourself in this rather baffling style, and steer you in the direction of a clothing store, as usual.



Just think about waking up and putting on that tight pair of jeans that wraps your legs like a California sushi roll and a shirt that doesn’t give your arms enough room to breathe and feels a little too tight around your waist. UGH. Why do that to yourself?

Now imagine slipping on a pair of silky trousers that flow in the wind as you walk, a loose button down that gives your upper body more space than the Thermosphere, or a robe-like dress, creating a soft waistline for a more fitted look. That sounds so much better.


Yes, as you may have already guessed, pajama dressing is one of the most comfortable trends to wear.

Besides its relaxed nature, the look is versatile. It can be dressed up or down for both summer and fall. And as we are approaching the weird weather of “I need a coat in the morning because it’s chilly and in the afternoon I feel like wearing a crop top because the Sun decided to show up”, pajama dressing is your savior. Honestly, the Sun should have just stayed behind the Moon. Give us a break already, it’s too hot.


For a dressy night, wear a simple pair of heels. For a casual lunch date, put on your favorite mules.

For cooler fall, try pants & shirt coordinates. For hot summer, experiment with robe dresses.


The fit of a pajama-like piece is the most important part. You need to find something that fits you very well. If you’re worried there is no perfect store out there - tailor your clothes. It’s often an overlooked idea that in a lot of cases is a way to go. Yes, you will be spending a couple of more dollars but in my opinion, the payoff is much bigger.


Don’t forget that a lot of the pants were designed for women that are at least 5 foot 9 inches; and since not all of us can proudly say that we are as tall as Victoria’s Secret angels, tailoring your trousers to be a bit shorter will be useful.


Another thing I have to remind you of is that under no circumstances should you purchase actual pajamas. Please don’t. Even though we are talking about pajamas, it is more a conversation in regards to where the trend gained its inspiration. The pajamas you wear to sleep, if any, are often made out of cotton and are designed very differently. So if you are going to put your actual pajamas on, it will definitely be noticeable. Kinda funny too! Also: unsanitary. You should not wear the clothes you sleep in outside. Thanks, mom.



Now that you’ve got your strategy on how to find the right pajama outfit, where do you go to do so?


As always, my first store recommendation will be Zara. The brand has a wide selection of pajama-like pants, blouses, and dresses. It’s truly hard to beat the variety Zara has and the quality of their clothing. I have to say that some pieces, especially with the fall season arriving, are a little more pricey. On the other hand, the quality of clothing is quite impeccable, so if you ask me - it’s worth it. Here are some of my favorites from Zara:

My other recommendation would be H&M. The brand has been really stepping their game up lately and becoming absolutely on point with the current fashion trends. Their prices have been slowly rising, as they are incorporating more expensive fabrics in the bigger selection of clothes, such as cashmere and silk. I picked several items from H&M for you to look at:

Of course, as many of you, I can’t walk by an Urban Outfitters store without peeking in. It’s just so fresh & pretty in there. UO is known as a brand with great, up-to-date styles, and a fast-forward thinking. They always push the limits of fashion and come up with out of the ordinary, unique pieces. Below are 6 different things that I found for you at Urban.

And now: DRUMROLL PLEASE! …. I present to you - ASOS! The company from the United Kingdom that just recently launched in the United States is one of my favorites. Not only do they have their own ASOS clothing, they also sell other brands for your convenience. So now when you are searching for a one-stop-shop, look no further! Couple of ASOS finds are here for you.

You are now ready to head to the nearest store! Good luck!