Anastasia Postolati


Anastasia Postolati


Here I am: making a blog post with pictures of myself in a red top. WOW.

I’ve always been known as a person who doesn’t wear bright colors. There was indeed a time when my brother called me a Sith Lord because of my obsession over the color black and my best friend Leslye and I had a running joke about how most things at any store were too colorful for us. We used to send each other these Instagram posts that had people holding black glitter and it said: "The color of my soul". It was honestly hilarious.

Don’t get me wrong, black is a wonderful color. Most importantly, it’s the classiest. Other colors, that can also be a part of the not-so-colorful outfit, such as gray, tan, olive green, are still my favorites. However, there is a more important lesson here.

The thing is, that I never really explored anything else. Whenever somebody asked me about my favorite color, I would quickly answer “black” without even thinking. In the store, I would skip all the racks that didn’t have black on it with a huge “UGH” in my mind.

Whether the wonders that college has worked on me or the 5 times I got sick during last winter, I had a whole revelation of the need to get out of my comfort zone. So here’s my best for you.

Getting out of your color comfort zone

Inspiration sources

Pinterest boards, Instagram bloggers, and countless fashion magazine issues - it is fair to admit that there are almost too many people to be followed on this planet. The quality of the fashionistas that you keep track of is just as important as quantity.

Differentiation will help your feed to be less monotonous. Say, for example, you’re not too comfortable with the whole fuschia color eruption during the summertime and not too fond of the white ankle boot style every celebrity is currently rocking on the streets of New York City.

Solution? Find someone with interesting color variations or someone who is a pro at the boot game and learn from them. Even better - find several people who have a variety of perspectives on the look you’re conquering, that’s where the quantity comes in. More people, more creative minds, more good ideas.

So next time you get in bed and start browsing on your cell phone for hours before actually going to sleep, scroll through look books, a blogger’s feed, or a Pinterest board. You might even condense all of the things you find into one and come up with something of your own, a look, that is specifically designed for you.

Make a promise

This is just like going on a diet, except on a shopping diet instead of a food one. If you are the person who promised yourself before that you will significantly reduce your carbs intake and then were found chewing on some cheese stuffed crust pepperoni pizza at 12 o’clock at night, it’s time to make a change.

Not with pizza though, rather, with your clothing choices when you shop.

Make a promise to yourself, not to get another one of those t-shirts your closet is full of.

Make a promise to yourself, not to keep coming back to the same color of clothes you own way too much of.

Make a promise to yourself, not to buy the same style dress that you always get, with a slight change in pattern.

Make a promise to yourself, to go to a store you truly love and buy several unique pieces that will complement the clothes you already own and add a splash of freshness to your look (Haha. I said “splash”. Get it?).

Having fear and staying true

On a more personal note, I know that sometimes it is hard to change things in your life, even so small as an outfit or color choice. And by no means I am trying to change who you are, just simply encourage to explore more of your own self - you never know what you’ll discover.

It’s normal to be afraid to get a shirt of a color that you have never worn before and get to like yourself in it. Trust me, I’ve been there too. But what’s the worst thing that can happen? You spend money on a piece that you later dislike: oh well! Return it or resell it. In a grand scheme of things, it is really no huge deal. Whether the color will grow on you or not, the fact is that you tried it and you know. That way, it's much easier to find what works. As I’ve stated in my previous blog posts, don’t ever completely isolate yourself from a style or color. Especially, because of fear.

So toss all the scary stuff aside and go shopping!

Finally, no matter what you pick up at the store, remain authentic. Sure, you can get inspiration from bloggers and celebrities, but trust me there is absolutely no need to copy someone else’s style. Learn how to wake up, get ready, look in the mirror, and love the reflection you see.

You are capable of producing outfits that are a clear and unique representation of your character.

Oh and I almost forgot,