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sorry, summer

Anastasia PostolatiComment
sorry, summer


Written by Anastasia Postolati

Photographed by Rey Aldana

It’s so refreshing to write again! First off, personal life update:

I know I’ve been slightly MIA lately and I blame it all on Temple University. As you might know I am a fellow Owl at TU and just recently got back to the City of Brotherly Love - Philadelphia, PA. #goowls


You can say I’ve been quite a busy bee between moving, homework, organization involvement, and most importantly, feeling like a college kid again. There’s something about wearing your backpack 24/7 and spending your day walking from building to building. Definitely not best for all the outfits I’m trying to style here.

Since my move I had to make new photography arrangements which has been both stressful and exciting. It all paid off though! I’m very happy to be working with the amazingly talented Rey Aldana - check out his work, everyone. It’s pretty sick.


Either way, let’s get to it!

Summer is over and I know the weather has been going from hot to cold to windy to rainy in a split of a second. For all of us it’s often hard to manage the awkward transition between summer and fall. As always, I have a solution in the books for you: the jumpsuit.

Is it the eighties again?


To give you a little background information, the jumpsuit trend has a long history, originating early on in the United States and gaining its popularity in the 1980s. It was considered to be work wear for construction workers and other people who do dangerous-type things. How far we’ve come, huh? Additionally, the name “jumpsuit” can be interpreted quite literally because of it’s high utilization in parachute jumping. I told you, dangerous stuff.


Today, the only danger the jumpsuit is associated with is the inability to take off the whole thing in order to relieve yourself in a tiny bathroom stall. HUUUUUGEEEEE challenge. #FirstWorldProblems

Thanks to designers such as Yves Saint-Laurent and Irene Galitzine, the jumpsuit became more and more widespread, especially among celebrities like Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and later on Mick Jagger and Freddie Mercury.

Bet you didn’t know that such a simple garment has such rich history! 

Take a look at these earlier styles:


If I had one word to describe the jumpsuit fashion in 2017, it would be variety; there are just too many ways to wear one! Whether you’re going to a fancy party or just another day at work or school, the trend can be both dressed up and down.

Don’t be afraid to slip on a pair of heels if you’re on your way to a restaurant and some classic white sneakers if class starts in 15 minutes.


Besides being event-versatile, it is also season-versatile. The hot weather calls for light fabric and loose fit. When fall is right around the corner, you should pick up something made from a slightly heavier fabric and make use of layering.

With a simple black jumpsuit, tied around the waist - just fitted enough - almost anything can be worn: trench coats, denim, cardigans, even some sweaters and sweatshirts.


easy, breezy, and obviously beautiful

Two other things we gotta talk about: effortlessness and comfortability.


So you know that moment when you stand in front of your closet and have absolutely no idea what to wear? Slipping on that shirt you wore yesterday and a pair of pants from two days ago, you’re wondering if anyone will notice.

“Ehh” – you say standing in front of the mirror, certainly not too thrilled with your appearance – “it’s okay I guess”.


It’s not the best hair day, your skin is breaking out, and you’re almost 5 minutes late taking on the world again. Rushing out your home and completely forgetting to pocket an always-much-needed chapstick, you’re on your way.

Easily, that describes many of my mornings.


The next time you’re in such situation, pull out your favorite jumpsuit. Now, you got a top, a bottom with minimal effort!


Obviously, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable either when you’re all stressed and running out the house. I mean, do we really have time to feel uncomfortable in our clothing? Maybe only when the look is SO good that you have to.

Wearing a jumpsuit is the answer! AGAIN. Now how great is this? I’m telling you, I should write a book sometime. For right now, I’ll just keep this thing going.


Hope I motivated you to head to the store again and buy a jumpsuit. Here are my favorites I picked for you:

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