summer whites

summer whites

summer whites

Every time I step outside nowadays, I feel like a piece of bacon, frying on an oily pan.

In other words: IT’S HOT PEOPLE!

So what do you do when you can barely stand the heat? Besides staying hydrated and cooling off in a closely located store with air conditioning, make sure to fill your summer closet with the color white.

My favorite way to style the color is through the Little White Dress (LWD), which is a huge summer staple.

You’re probably saying, “Isn’t it the Little Black Dress?”.

Yes! You are absolutely right. However, the same trend can be also seen through the complete opposite.

It’s clean, fresh, and feminine. And if you feel too dressed up - there is no need to. Embrace your true beautiful self! Literally, give yourself a hug.

I am wearing a LWD by Zara that I miraculously found at Marshalls. Nearly the same version of it, the Jumpsuit Dress With Ruffled Sleeves is still available at Zara. The other piece of my heart lies with this Ruffled Poplin Dress With Faux Pearls by the same brand.

WAIT, did I mention it’s a romper too? Oh yeah, it got shorts underneath! Thank God for the next time we get too relaxed while sitting down in this dress-looking attire.

The Dress

Its one advantage is that it’s 100% cotton. The breathable fabric allows for an even cooler summer (if that exists) and a more happy you!

The plunge neckline creates a soft look combined with long, t-shirt-like sleeves. Unfortunately, you most likely won’t be able to wear a bra here, but the famous “Sticky Boobs” will do!

Located almost right below the neckline, is the high, exaggerated waistline, creating a babydoll shape until the bottom.

If you’re intimidated by the length of the dress, as I was I at first, remember what I said earlier? One word: SHORTS. The fabric that covers these secret heroes is so flowy, you can spend quite some time just wanting to twirl around. From the standpoint of being useful, it acts as a second layer of the LWD and prevents any moment that is associated with the phrase: “I can see your underwear through that”. 

IMG_7614 (1).jpg

The dress has one button in the back, where you can notice a curvilinear triangle - shaped cut that shows some skin. It’s not too little and not too much, which makes it comfortable to wear for people of different ages and opinions.

Notice my gorgeous swimsuit tan lines, I know.


I love adding a bright piece of jewelry to a look, bringing in more color. Whether a thick, beaded necklace or a pair of long earrings with tassels, you’ll end up not only looking, but feeling sunnier. The Indian handmade yellow necklace I’m wearing is courtesy of my mother’s trip to Italy - thanks Mom!

Here are other pieces I would choose for this look:



Staying neutral is my favorite thing to do, hence, I’m wearing Adrienne Vittadini Charlie Flat Sandals I scored at Marshalls a couple of years back.

The platform will give legs more length, while still offering you a flat sole. As a result, you get the same effect that high heels provide, without wearing any! The platform trend is highly widespread for the Summer 2017 and is used by many designers in their current collections around the world including PRADA, Miu Miu, and Steve Madden.

Since the shoes that I’m wearing are not available, below are other platform sandals you’ll look absolutely amazing in:

Bag & Watch

I picked a neutral bag from Nine West in order for the color of the necklace to stand out. The bag has a simple rectangular structure with two pockets and a long strap. While being quite small, it fits most things I usually carry. The metallic color of the bag pops and gives the outfit another sprinkle of unique. Thanks again to Marshalls (a.k.a. my all-time favorite store) for this gem!

Check these similar ones I found for ya:

About the watch: it’s expensive, I didn’t buy it, it was my parents’ present for my 18th birthday. They also got it from an off price retailer. If you didn’t already notice, we pay full price for almost nothing (it’s more fun that way)!

SO, if I were to style a more affordable watch for this look I would definitely go with something like the Wristwatch from H&M or the Modern Mesh Watch from Urban Outfitters.

Now you know everything about styling a Little White Dress!


by Anastasia Postolati