Anastasia Postolati

why stop here?

Anastasia Postolati
why stop here?

why stop here?

Couple of days ago, as I was brainstorming for this blog post, I thought to myself: “Why does it have to stop on fashion? Why should I limit myself?”

So I’m going to take a leap here and talk about another thing that is dear to my heart - makeup and beauty.



It was that moment when I was 12 years old and my mom first let me try makeup. I loved it. Every morning I would wake up and use my Mary Kay black mascara to make my eyes pop and face powder to cover up those teenage breakouts. My mom spent quite some time working for Mary Kay and I would tag along with her to every Beauty Party she organized to learn how to apply makeup. At 12, I felt as if I knew everything about beauty and trust me, I could recite the whole pitch of a Mary Kay consultant even if I was woken up from my deepest sleep.


Evidently, my career as a beauty consultant didn’t go far but as a teenager I enjoyed wearing occasional makeup. One time, my mom did a whole makeover for me after getting her Makeup Artist certification. I was wearing full on smokey eye with bright lipstick at age 12. I felt so bad ass.

Whether or not my mom’s parenting methods are considered “right”, I’d like to give her credit for introducing me to something that 6 years later would become my complete and utter obsession.


Great memories come to mind when I think about August 2016, the month I moved into my college dorm and promised myself I would eat healthy food, exercise, and drink lots of water. If you aren’t in college yet, once you get here you’ll realize that napping, eating copious amounts of carbs, and drinking soda has never felt so good. So there went my healthy lifestyle and so did my skin, as I was biting on another slice of pizza (buffalo chicken has become my absolute favorite).


The acne, the redness, the sensitivity, became my best buddies - they always stuck around. Instead of focusing on the negative, I decided that I will make my journey to clear skin by exploring multiple skin care and makeup options. Last week, I finally got it.


The day I refreshed my Instagram feed and discovered that Rihanna was releasing her Fenty Beauty line was a good day. Well, for me, any day I discover a newly-designed beautiful piece of clothing or nicely-packaged beauty products that are supposed to work wonders is a good day!

Rihanna, however, has done something completely different and at the same time so elementary: create a makeup line that fits people. All people. Not white people with pink skin undertones. But black, white, yellow, peach, olive, and albino. African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Native American, and White.


I mean, who would’ve thought, right? That in 2017, after thousands of years of human existence, there are products that are inclusive. Truly inclusive, not just “tagged” as inclusive.

My struggle with finding a right foundation shade hasn’t been nearly as difficult as other people’s but I couldn’t tell you the amount of times my roommate and I walked out of a beauty retail store after trying new foundation and our faces shining pink and the rest of our bodies yellow. My family has Mongolian roots, which gives me a very distinct yellow/olive undertone. To my surprise, many beauty consultants don’t get the word “olive” when you say it to them? Why? No one knows.


So here we are, walking into Sephora, my eyes brightened by the sight of the Fenty section, with Rihanna’s absolutely beautiful face on the banner.


I gotta say, I felt a little hesitant. The foundation did say that it is “long-wear”, so I was quite worried that it might be super full coverage. Being a person with problematic skin I really didn’t feel like clogging my pores some more. Anastasia = worried.

Several days later, when I got that magical “You’ve got a package!” email from my school mail I was HYPE. I mean, I was opening my package as I was walking to class. I honestly didn’t learn anything about Risk Management that afternoon, but I did carefully eye my newly received item in my backpack the whole time.


The next morning I finally got to try the foundation, and let me tell you, I was blown away. Whether it was the strong Philadelphia wind or the Fenty Beauty line itself, the foundation quickly became my favorite to wear.

It feels quite liquid & light and is designed to create your own custom coverage. If I need to apply more to some parts of my skin, I can, and if I’d like to have a low-coverage day, I can do that too. On another point, somehow, Rihanna made her foundation smell extremely good. It’s a fresh & sweet scent. Vanilla & cotton.


I congratulate my girl RiRi on her successful launch! Too bad I wasn’t able to purchase any other products because let’s face it I get another highlighter and a contour stick and I got myself a $100 purchase. Can’t do that. Don’t have a job.


Diverging from my overly obsessive attitude toward Fenty Beauty there was another thing that I picked up while at Sephora: Milk Makeup Matcha Toner. Being the victim of Milk Makeup’s brilliant marketing which includes the extremely beautiful and well-thought-through packaging, I picked up the little mint green stick. If you didn’t know, Milk Makeup made the first toner in physical form! How sick is that?!? The total nerd that I am for innovation, I was immediately hooked.


The ingredients aren’t lagging behind either. Matcha green tea, kombucha, and witch hazel combined together to produce a hydrating formula that will make your skin shine post-cleansing. I was glowin!!


One advice I can give you in regards to looking at ingredients is that if a list has more than 10 words that you cannot pronounce, probably shouldn’t get it. I mean isn’t that scary putting “zaco”, “tyro”, “carane”, whatever on your skin.

The toner also magically removed some impurities from my skin within days - so thank you, Milk Makeup.



My skin journey has been long, painful, but also fun. And honestly, it’s probably not over yet. I’m sure that another great company will make another great product that I will find worthy of my time.


The point is that if you haven’t figured it out yet or even if you have, keep searching for the perfect thing and try new products. Never stop educating yourself about your skin - even if it feels like you will never get rid of those pimples on your forehand.

Worst thing you can do is give up, even if it feels like you have tried anything and everything in the world. Keep going.

Just don’t put rubbing alcohol on your face.

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